Gluten-free cupcakes? Yes yes yes

for goddess Laura surrounded by her girls holding her in the light as the time comes for baby to make it's way to meet her <3

for goddess Laura surrounded by her girls, holding her in the light as the time comes for baby to make it’s way out to rest in her arms <3

I know, it’s been a LOOOONG while, so I’m just gonna get to it.

These days almost everything I eat gives me the cramps and ……… well, you don’t wanna know the rest 🙂. So I’ve gone off dairy but still getting the crampy stomach feeling and now I’m thinking what more can I do?

Then, I got an order for some gluten free cupcakes and it struck me…hmmmmm maybe I can try not eating gluten for a while and see how it goes? Sooooo , yours truly has been experimenting with a couple of things (till I go see the Doc and get properly checked out).

This series will start with the actual cupcakes I made for the order this week and then will work my way back with all the things I have been trying out in the kitchen.

The order, “Aijay can I have 12 apple gluten-free cupcakes please, all sugar free (and I went gulp!), 8 frosted with normal cupcake frosting and 4 without. Feel free to use nuts and seeds”

And I thought, “no sugar?”, where will my moisture come from? Buuuuuuut, after LOTS of trials and failure, SHE emerged, the gorgeous Apple lady cupcakes baked with raw crystallised coconut nectar. After I tasted this coconut nectar, I laughed in the face of my fear of baking without sugar. This stuff (albeit on the expensive side of things) is indeed a knock-out. The taste is just sensational I have to stop myself from eating it from the spoon. Soft, melt in the mouth, a bit ‘caramel-y’ and works superbly with baking.

Anyway, here they are! Gluten-free and sugar-free apple cinnamon cupcakes. 8 frosted with cinnamon cupcake icing and the 4 in the middle ‘frosted’ with thick apple and maple compote and decorated with ‘caramelised’ toasted seeds and hazelnut (caramelised with maple syrup).

And here’s the email I got about them. So so glad and happy she loved it 😀

“Where to start? AMAZING, AMAZING! The muffins were really delicious.  The girls loved them and they were absolutely perfect for the event (so full of love and attention to detail).  I tried both styles and they were equally delicious – I especially liked whatever it was you did with the nuts that made them so nuttily lovely.  They were moist and sweet.  Laura’s fiancé saw them and said how great they looked but when I told him they were glut free he wasn’t so keen to try – I persuaded him and he was stunned by how yummy they were.  He had two! Thank you, thank you, thank you”




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