Journey of a Birthday cake….in pictures


It’s my sisters birthday today and she ordered herself a cake from me. She knew what cake she wanted but left the flavour of the buttercream up to me! (Excited? Yah haaaa!). So I decided to go for something exciting. Not a flavour I’ve used recently but one we used a lot where I worked in Paris and after a guessing game over at my Facebook page……the answer is Cherry.

So here she is, Lemon cake dressed in elegantly in Cherry flavoured swiss meringue buttercream. It’s all in pictures as today, words are failing me. Also, who knew Cherry turned a purple-ly colour when it mixes with buttercream….hmmmmm

Enjoy mes cheris!


Ps: I just received these comments below as she took the cake with her to work. It made me smile comme ça 🙂,

Comments from my colleagues: ‘This is the most amazing cake I’ve EVER eaten’, ‘the secret ingredient is definitely LOVE …. and lavender?’ ‘OMG this is delicious!’ ‘Please tell your friend this is amazing!’ ‘Your friend made this? Really? It’s incredible!’ I felt very proud and glowing by association!! Yummy and beautiful!! Thank you. Thank you. Xxxx

Starts off with a humble bake

Starts off with a humble bake….plus cherry coulis 🙂

Crumb coat

Crumb coat

2nd coat

2nd coat

After a shitty first draft…she finally appeared as this

After a very shitty first draft…she finally appeared as this

Up close

Up close



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