Mommy nature and HER effortless art

Om my dears, want to start by saying thanks again for the souls that come across this site to read me.  It always makes me feel mushy and grateful and I know I say this a lot but I’ll say it again…Merci Beaucoup.

So today marks the last night for me in Paris (flight is at 9:15 tonight) and like I said earlier, I do like/love to take pictures of pretty things so I wanted to leave you with some magic of mommy nature that I have been lucky to capture with my beloved camera without modification and just with help of our brother, the Sun.

Ok now it’s time for shower, brush teeth, buy some french macaroons, come back to pack some more…pheww! and then see you on the other side ;-)


Mommy in lilac..<3

Can you spot the bee having his brunch? 🙂

Flower birds in Seville, isn’t SHE amazing



I was lucky enough to walk on this..It was magical, REALLY. where was it,? my teachers garden in Southampton.. Most times, the miracle is right in front of our eyes and you needn’t go far to see it <3<3<3.

A baby pineapple plant n India


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