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The fluffiest Banana cake ever (and it’s Vegan!)

Bonjour everyone, A quick post. I made this cake yesterday eve for our family gathering as we got together for some soulful music and food. I had some about-to-go-bad banans in the fruit bowl and no eggs but knew I wanted to bake something! So searched online for anything vegan with banana and found this lovely…

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Gluten-free cupcakes? Yes yes yes

I know, it’s been a LOOOONG while, so I’m just gonna get to it. These days almost everything I eat gives me the cramps and ……… well, you don’t wanna know the rest :-). So I’ve gone off dairy but still getting the crampy stomach feeling and now I’m thinking what more can I do?…

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Cinnamon Potato porridge

I had some potatoes I had bought from the farmers market since last week and they started to grow babies and stuff so I thought, “Aijay, now is the time, use it or lose it”. So I thought to make something influenced from my childhood in Nigeria. The original dish has lots of sassy Nigerian-spices,…

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