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Coconutty mushrooms on smashed Spuds with Asparagus

Once upon an Autumn afternoon, this yummy mummy happened on us. Take your time to savour it, you’re worth it ūüėČ For this you’ll need: 5 medium sized potatoes (I used the Cara type here with skin on, I love¬† potato skins but skin on or off, the choice is yours) 18 spears of Asparagus‚Ķ

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Hot almond tomato sauce

I had this yesterday with rice and let’s just say I was very happy. My moon cycle is coming and this month it’s all about ‘zee spice :-). I wanted it spicy and I wanted it quick and here it is my friends. This one packs a deep spicy bunch with 2 scotch bonnet chilli’s.‚Ķ

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