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A ‘syrupy’-coulis affair…Grape? Orange? Crêpes?…yes please ;-)

Sister E came over for breakfast yesterday morning and it was crêpes on my mind. So I got the crêpe batter going early in the morning, left it to rest for 1 hour and then preceded to make something to go with it. At this very exciting moment, I stared at the fruit bowl and…

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Kiwi berry smoothie

One fine day in Paris it was 29 degrees and smokin’ hot so I wanted something freezin’ cold and this was a fine cool blend. Easy, peasy, smoooooth 😉 For 2 glasses: 120 g red berries (I used frozen) 2 Kiwi cold fruit (cubed) 100g of soy yogurt (1 pot) 1 cup of rice milk…

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