Beautiful Blogger and Reader Appreciation Award Nomination!

Hola chiquitas y chiquitos, two award nominations (Beautiful blogger award and Reader Appreciation award) landed on me last week and I have finally made is out of my sick bed to acknowledge the beautiful souls at Beach House Kitchen for nominating me for these two awards. Muchas gracias!!.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Reader Appreciation Award

Alors, the awards criteria are:

  1. To thank the blogger who nominated you with a link.
  2. To copy and paste the award logo to your blog.
  3. To share seven things about yourself
  4. To nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award and notify them.

Seven things about the FreeFlowFoodie:

  • Born on 1st of May;
  • I love to paint, write poems or sayings, and aside from taking pictures of food, I also love taking pictures of nature and flowers (perhaps I should post some up for you all to see);
  • I play the harmonium, Shruti box and LOVE drumming away to ancient chants;
  • I love Roses;
  • I do no like to wear much clothes. My best clothing ever is scarves and that’s why I have loads of them. Makes it a bit of a tricky situation in winter:-);
  • We will be moving to Southampton in England on Friday;
  • I am 3 months pregnant, hence the reason for my constant nausea, vomitting and EXTREME fatigue for the past month. I have been told this will pass but…..still here and still in bed with Ben doing the cooking for me.. If anyone has any “old lady” or grandma remedy or advice that’ll help me out a little, please please feel free to share with me in the comments. It will be greatly appreciated.

Ps- A lot of people including some family will be finding out about the last point on this foodie here. What a better knock down the mountain of cards with one coin, I thought. Good idea? We’ll see…😉

And this foodies nominations for both awards go to:

  1. Mother Nature Loves You – For everything about living, being, eating and loving in the here and now
  2.  Dodhisattva – Love, awakening and superb food advice here. Superb I say
  3. Elle Vegan Food Diary – Yummy vegan food, drinks, jam, pictures, stories and the whole lot
  4. Good Clean Food – Real, whole, delicious food with no fussin ‘n’ fightin and a bunch of helpful healthy ideas for real, whole, delicious, healthy living.
  5.  The Hungry Mum – Visit for all things ‘yummyly’ baked
  6. Playful and Hungry – For such pretty pretty food and the lego men:-)
  7. Vegetarian ventures – Lots of quirky lovely veggie ideas here.
  8. Mango Shenanigans – Just have a look at this lady’s site. The picture are like paw!! paw!! shazam!! and tell a story of their own.
  9. High heel gourmet– Thai food haven.

Thank you all for your continued support on this foodies journey and for such inspirational and pretty posts by all of you. Sometimes, going over your pages and reading like-minded souls out there, makes my days and fills me with….love and inspiration.


Love Love Love y’all

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