Creamy Quinoa in juicy Apricots

Are you ready for another ‘easy? peasy? go!’ recipe? Here it is guys. On the Friday before we flew to England, I saw these juicy beauties at the early morning market. The guy at the stall enticed me with a taste after which I just grabbed a ‘baquette’ and skipped home ever so merrily. I didn’t know what to do with them at first but one sure thing was that I wanted their natural beauty to shine through so I decided not to cook them in any way but just keep it fresh, simple and of course tasty. So I dreamt about this combination and when I finished making them, I was glad the man-boy at the stall introduced me to these juicy cuties.

Alors, for this you’ll need:

  • 450 g fresh ‘n’ juicy Apricots / l’abricot entier (halved and deseeded)
  • ¾  cup quinoa
  • 500 ml veggie stock / bouillon legume
  • 10 whole cardamom seeds / cardamome entier (crushed)
  • 100 ml coconut cream / Lait de noix de coco
  • Salt and Pepper to your liking / Sel et poivre comme vous voulez

To make:

  • Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the package but substituting water with vegetable stock and adding the crushed cardamom to the mixture,
  • When the quinoa is cooked, drain of the excess liquid and remove the cardamom seeds. Thanking them for lending their delicious flavour to the ‘pwetty ‘lil quinoa,
  • Now stir in the coconut cream to the quinoa and mix thoroughly,
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Finally, scoop the creamy quinoa into the apricots halves and serve.
  • You can garnish with toasted pine nuts, mixed herbs, or have it just with the fresh cardamom and coconut taste bursting through.
  • Et voilà mes amis!

the juicy apricots

…and again

the coconut cream I use

…ingredients are simple (coconut and water…finito) and the taste says it all


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