Hot ‘n’ Sweet Nutty Quinoa salad

sweet and spicy quinoa salad

More often than not when I start with the idea of making something for “the blog”, I find myself blocked with nothing flowing. I go into this state of trying too hard to make something “perfect” or be a certain way that I almost always mess it up.Sometimes in life, it’s the idea of the way it should be, where I should be, what I should have, what I should be that makes it oh soo soo difficult to live in the way it is, right now…sigh. But letting go of all these ideas, actually frees up some space in my body-mind for some damn good creativity to come from the source. This is something that happens to me on and off the kitchen and on and off my mat and I hope I will keep remembering, softening and letting go of these “perfect” ideas in and outside the kitchen.

So here it is guys, the idea today was to make something with potatoes that I had seen on TV where the lady was making a Mexican dish with potatoes,  peppers and lots and lots of cheese and cream but it turned it to be quinoa for my flow today.  It’s sweet, it’s spicy and it packs a protein punch with all the nuts and seeds involved. Perhaps for a nice picnic in the sun? Bon weekend my friends 🙂

You’ll need

  • 2 Tbsp oil /  huile
  • 1 red onion / oignon rouge (chopped)
  • 2 bell peppers / poivron
  • 2 Tbsp ground almonds / poudre d’amandes
  • 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds / graines de tournesol
  • 50 g chedder cheese / fromage  (grated)
  • 145 g quinoa
  • 250 ml veggie stock / bouillon legume
  • 1 scotch bonnet chilli /piment fort
  • salt to taste / sel

To garnish

  • some sliced cucumber /concombre
  • 1 avocado /avocat (chopped)

 To make:

  • Boil your quinoa for 5 mins in hot veggie stock. Drain and set aside
  • Roast the peppers over the stove until blackened with the skin soft and crinkly as shown in the pic below. This will give it that yummy smokey bbq flavour
  • Put oil in the pan together with the onions and cook for about 10 mins or until almost caramelised.
  • Add in the sunflower seeds and ground almonds, stirring on medium heat for 5 mins to toast the nuts a little.
  • Now add the smoked peppers and chilli and keep stirring for another 5 mins.
  • Pour in the cooked quinoa, sprinkle on the cheese and combine evenly.
  • Salt to taste, garnish with the avocado and cucumber and serve with whatever you fancy.

Bell peppers roasted on the stove

Here we have caramelised onions, peppers, ground almonds, sunflower seeds in the pan

In goes the quinoa and cheese and chilli

Served up

I had mine with baked beans…Very classy Aijay I hear you say? But of course 🙂


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