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Alors friends, family and lovers, this foodie has been feeling like a sick zombie for the past few weeks so hasn’t been able to write anything. But I got up today to have a wee peak at the blog and was just amazed by the amount of people that have come by to have a look. This has touched my heart so much and now here I am, still in bed but ready to tell you all about the holidays and continue on the food path, of course.

We travelled from Paris – Bordeaux – Pessac (grandma’s place) – Bordeaux – La Rochelle – Ile de Ré – La Rochelle – Paris – London – Milton Keynes (sister’s place) – London (friends birthday) – Milton Keynes – London and then back to Paris…phewww. And what a journey it was.

that morning on the train and ready for the journey

Going from Paris to Bordeaux was so exciting for me. It was my first time and I guess I just couldn’t wait to get to Pessac to see Ben’s grandma. When we arrived the weather was mild and breezy, so we decided to do a bit of gardening for grandma and  trim some overgrown shrubs. I was like totally in on it with the shovel, hoe, shears and all but then as the days passed and the temperature got hotter, I started to see the white light at the end of the tunnel and told Ben to carry on, ” I’ll meet you on the other side my love, so so hot, darkness closing in on me, reaching for the white light, sooo cold, can’t breathe….bye bye earth” as I slumped to the ground.

the optimistic farm girl

…and after day two, it was just the man working the land

We got rescued by grandma’s neighbour who offered up his pool for us to use and boy did we jump at the offer. We were splishing and splashing in the pool up until the day we left. And when we weren’t splish splashing, we’ll hose each other down with the pipe in grandma’s garden, running around naked and free. It was fun with grandma in the sitting room wondering what the hell we were doing and calling us ‘les jeunes’, the youngsters, and that’s exactly how we felt.

Ohh guys grandma was the sweetest of all. As soon I arrived in the house, it felt like i had always been here. It just felt like my home, like my home from a long time ago…like I’d always lived here and familiar. After about only 3 or 4 days together, one night she says to me come and kiss me, “Goodnight my dear, u never know if I’ll wake up tomorrow. Looking deep onto my eyes she says, I will be thinking of you when sleep. I love you my darling”. And then I was shattered, leaving ME naked and there was only love flowing through our eyes. I was speechless. My mind was like how can this be? How can this be? And my heart was like why not? Why not Aijay?…as I cried.

That’s just what happens to some people isn’t it?. Heart in hand, love abound, it just shines through and hits everyone around. At that age (although Ben told me she has always been like this, strong, tough, somewhat stubborn but always motherly loving you with kisses, caresses and strokes), no masks, nothing like, “ I’ll wait a few days before I tell her I like her and then we’ll see about love. She might think I’m a freak.” None of that. Just an unwavering let go and surrender to the flow. “I love her so I tell her when I feel it in the moment”. Imagine a life like this. Living from moment to moment, and letting love and life just flow through us without our ideas getting in the way. That night was magical for me and as I write this, my heart is full of love for you ma papillon blanche.

soul sister

While in Pessac, grandma told us about the farmer’s market around the corner from her house and what a treat that was! Have a look.

1, 2, 3, pasta!!

Pasta stall with some lady in front of it

a walking vanilla pod stall 🙂

the different types and colours of basil.

you say tomato……

and I say tomatoes!

the juicy beauty from the market

chopping in grandma’s kitchen

tomato-parmesan ravioli and mint-ricotta ravioli from the market

fresh ravioli in water, salt and olive oil

Ravioli with simple homemade tomato sauce and fresh purple basil

After we left my 97 year old sister and made our way to La Rochelle and to Ile de Ré to commence our camping proper. It was hot hot hot people. The beaches at de Ré were amazing but the heat drove me crazy. I was pitying Ben because he wanted to go out and do is and that and all I wanted to do was lie down, move as little as possible and try to breathe. The only time I wanted to go out was in the early morning or in the evening when everything was cooler. So one thing is for sure, the next time I’ll go camping, it’ll be in somewhere that is 25 degrees and not 38 degrees!. Having said that, one day on our way back from one of the lovely cool beaches we went cycling around the marshes of La portes en Ré and saw some beautiful sights and a magnificent sunset.

the marshlands

some guys in the fields showing off their buttoms

admiring the buttoms ahead

saying ‘ello to a friend

….and then magic of nature happened upon us, Sunset.

Anyways from Ile de re, it was back to Paris for us and I was silently happy to be going home…at last. But then I stepped out of the train in Paris and it was like I stepped into an oven. Ok guys, if you like heat and want to have a holiday and in a pretty little city, make your way down to Paris in August, because it’s HOT HOT HOT. So guess what I did, yeah u guessed it right, I stayed at home most of the time on our cool flat and did not go out unless absolutely necessary, just like a sloth I hear you say? Damn right you are /-D. You can now begin to imagine how I felt when I came to London and it was 25 degrees. I was literally ecstatic!! Really. It was like I was in heaven. And as I made my way to Milton Keynes, it was even cooler with 22 degrees, a bit of rain, lots of grey, a bit of sun…more grey, more rain and lots of green. I was so happy; I can’t even begin to express it here. I was in Paradise 🙂.

I was also so happy to see my nephew that had started walking. Last time I saw  him, sometime last month,, he was still crawling so it was weird to see him standing and going everywhere. He is the cutest baby in the world and the most chilled out, smiley, I don’t need much attention baby ever. I am in love, seriously. Every time I think about him, my heart goes like mashed potato!! Look at him, do you blame me?

my lurvely, wurvely nephew


and again : -)

…and again before I left for Paris

After that, it was back to London and them to Paris. Was a bit anxious to return to Paris because of the weather but was happy happy ‘appy when I go here and it was cool, almost cold. It was just like it was in London and still is so I am a very jolly girl at the mo. So this jolly foodie is back and ready to share and keep sharing foodie ideas with you. The move back to England will be happening in approximately 2 weeks and half so September might be another scanty month in terms of recipes posted but once all of this is sorted and I find some grounding in terms of housing and all of that then things will be back on full swing. The new ideas I have will be shared and more news will be coming your way soon too.

Meeeeanwhile, in the mood for something fresh? Check out the Berried Pineapple Cubes that I made this weekend to be posted tomorrow. Right now, I need to get a drink, rest my head a little, get up from this bed and carry this body over to the supermarché to buy some tissue paper.

I’ll be a pineapple when I see you tomorrow.

Kisses chiquitos and chiquitas

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