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The power of berries blue and a Birthday cake

This past weekend was my nephew and brother in-law’s birthday’s. My sister called and ordered one big ass cake for both of them to which I said, errrrr yaahhhhh!The order: A 10 inch and 3 layered maderia cake enrobed in fresh blueberry buttercream, rocket ship and stars with virgo insignia all around the sides of the…

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Yummy Berry Crunch…..in a cup (Dairy-free)

Some lovely yummy mummy sisters came over for lunch today with their babies and all brought food to share while I took on the dessert duty……ohh, dommage! 🙂 Had to be something fresh, yummy, and pretty easy to make…(drumroll!!) and enters Yumny Berry crunch….in a cup. Are you having some friends over this hot summer…

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A ‘syrupy’-coulis affair…Grape? Orange? Crêpes?…yes please ;-)

Sister E came over for breakfast yesterday morning and it was crêpes on my mind. So I got the crêpe batter going early in the morning, left it to rest for 1 hour and then preceded to make something to go with it. At this very exciting moment, I stared at the fruit bowl and…

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