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Gluten-free cupcakes? Yes yes yes

I know, it’s been a LOOOONG while, so I’m just gonna get to it. These days almost everything I eat gives me the cramps and ……… well, you don’t wanna know the rest :-). So I’ve gone off dairy but still getting the crampy stomach feeling and now I’m thinking what more can I do?…

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Seeded banana pancakes (gluten free)

One of our friends, with a very special tummy was coming over from London to stay for the weekend. He could only eat gluten-free foods, no sugar, some fruits but not all, a lil’ bit of this ‘n’ a lil’ bit of that and I was EXCITED!!. I like having weird requests like this. It…

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Almond Quinoa

Quinoa was on my mind yesterday so I made this beauty up for lunch. No fussin’ n fightin’. Just plain easy with a lot of yummy in my tummy. For 2-3 people, you’ll need: 130g quinoa 130g chinese mushrooms 50g ground almonds 3 tomatoes (roughly blended) 2 garlic cloves (pan roasted and crushed) 2 Tbsp…

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