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Beautiful rainy day, still in your jammies, cozy inside, some’in to warm your cockles? Try a bowl- full of this yumminess, it’s worth getting out of the sofa for. <3 Oh my, what does SPLL stand for? ūüėČ You'll need: 2 big sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped) 95g red split lentils (parboiled for 5 minutes,‚Ķ

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EasyPeasy Yummy Lentils

Got the idea for these yummy lentils from a sister of mine from Sri Lanka. I remember when I stayed at her flat in London once and she made this for me. First of all,¬†it was DELISH!! and secondly,¬†I couldn’t stop eating it. ¬†I just couldn’t believe how simple it was when she told me‚Ķ

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